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Mulch in North Texas

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  • Cedar
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  • Hardwood (Black or Red)
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Hardwood Mulch (Black or Red)

While you plan your landscaping this year, consider the benefits of putting mulch around your plants. Mulch is a layer of material that is typically woodchips or rubber. It’s not only decorative, it benefits your garden and helps to cut down on excessive watering.
1. Mulch prevents erosion
Mulch provides a barrier between elements like wind and rain that protects the soil below. Erosion can also deplete nutrients from soil while plants need in order to thrive. Mulch helps to prevent erosion as well as providing nutrients for the soil as it breaks down over time.
2. Mulch slows evaporation
Mulch also provides a barrier between direct sunlight and your plant’s roots which helps to slow the evaporation process. This allows plants a longer opportunity to get more water needed to grow.
3. Mulch helps prevent weed growth
Weeds can grow quickly, using the water plants need for healthy growth. Adding mulch to a flowerbed helps to prevent weed growth that requires extra work to remove.
How to Put Out Mulch
• Before setting out your mulch, remove all weeds – make sure to get them early to make this step easier.
• Apply a thin layer of mulch into the soil in your flower bed. Once you’ve done this, add between two and four inches of mulch on top. Keep this mulch spread out, avoiding large mounds.
• If you’re placing mulch around shrubs or small trees, make an earth basin and keep the mulch pulled back a few inches to prevent rotting the trunks. 
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